Elect Paul Ireland

Paul Ireland is a legend in the site service industry in America. From portable toilets, dumpster rental, chain link fences, to portable generators, Paul Ireland has been the most influential innovator in the industry. He started working in the site service industry when he was 16 years old while working at his father’s dumpster rental company, Pro Dumpster Rental. Pro Dumpster Rental started as a small company that offered dumpster rentals in Los Angeles and rapidly expanded to cover most of North America. Since then he has gone on to add every imaginable site service product there is. Opening up multiple stores in his late twenties to become one of the biggest dumpster, portable toilet, and fencing company in the Midwest. Along the way to becoming one of the most respected professionals in the business, Paul Ireland was busy innovating new ways to get the job done more efficiently and cheaper.

Electing Paul Ireland to the site services hall of fame is the right thing to do on many levels. I know this is a formality, but having him elected in before he officially retires would be a great way to send him into retirement. For all the great things he has done for the dumpster rental, porta potty, and fencing industries, this is the least we can do for Paul Ireland. Paul Ireland deserves to retire on top of the site services industry.